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How to choose a wooden light?

Wooden pendant lights are becoming increasingly popular for use. Experienced professionals can easily custom make a light fixture in an interesting shape to your taste.

Products can be mastered not only from natural wood. It is also not uncommon to use materials that look like wood.

Choosing a pendant wooden lamp, you need to consider the features of the room:

1. The size of the room. In a large room will be inappropriate small chandelier, and vice versa, a compact room should not clutter the volume floor lamp or a large chandelier.
2. Do not forget about the color harmony. In terms of shade lamp should be combined with wallpaper, curtains and furniture.
3. For the bedroom, living room, dining room are suitable ceiling wooden lamps, while in the bathroom it is better to use waterproof wall-mounted devices. In large rooms, it is possible and even reasonable to combine lighting.https://www.wood-presents.com/image/cache/catalog/transit/1b_-860x860.jpg

Taking care of such fixtures is very easy - it is enough to wipe them periodically with a damp cloth. However, you should not use a soapy solution - it forms a film on the surface, which makes it dull.

If you plan to put a similar lamp in the kitchen, choose products made of vine or bamboo.

In the interior of a private house or country cottage, you can make a unique chandelier to order or make it yourself. In this case, there is no limit to ideas and imagination! Carefully consider the design, which will fit harmoniously into the interior and will be an integral part of the home comfort and coziness.
We hope we can find the perfect wood lighting fixture for you to match your interior.