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Portable fireplaces: advantages and features

Modern portable electric fireplaces have rapidly burst into the world of interiors, squeezing out the usual wood-burning ones, due to their original design and safety. You can install them in a few minutes, and no special permits are needed, as well as chimneys, fireplace tongs and brushes. There will be no fumes, soot, or risk of carbon monoxide poisoning with an electric portable fireplace.
portable fireplace
You can install a fireplace in any room, even in a small apartment. They start to work from the first minute after they are plugged in. In this case, they do not consume a lot of energy. And they create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort no worse than a wood hearth.

What are electric fireplaces?

Electric fireplaces vary in size, power and installation methods. The most common have become wall and table portable fireplaces. They are very easy to install.
Framing for such fireplaces can be different both in design and in the materials used. There are expensive products made of marble, precious woods. There are those for which artificial materials are used, they are cheaper but no less practical and stylish.
Flat, convex, frontal and angular - electric fireplaces with portals come in different shapes. Depending on the taste and design of the room, you can find the perfect electric fireplace in the style of high-tech, classic, antique, baroque, chic, empire, Provence.

How to choose a portable fireplace?

The range of electric fireplaces is expanding every day. Therefore, even before buying, it is important to decide for what purpose the device is purchased, and where it will be installed. In order for the product to serve for many years, you should take care about of the installation of a separate socket. If the fireplace is planned to be suspended or a table or floor model is chosen, it is necessary to clearly determine the size of the device.

Decorative electric fireplaces can have low power, which means that the heat from them will also be a little. There are multifunctional models that will not only decorate the interior, but also help warm the room on cold days.

It is worth noting that electric fireplaces can be installed not only in the living room or office, but also in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen. Large devices look great in offices and catering establishments. But in this case, do not save on the portal materials, because plastic will not give that effect in large rooms, which gives natural stones, forging, expensive wood.

Portable fireplaces are the choice of those who live in a city apartment and in a country house. They will give coziness and comfort in any room.

electric fireplaceParameters of electric fireplaces are indicated in their characteristics, and if something written there is doubtful, it is better to get additional advice from the seller, than to remain disappointed after the installation of the purchase.

Advantages of portable fireplaces

The advantages of portable electric fireplaces over wood, gas and others, are quite a lot. The main one is simplicity. A portable fireplace is easy to transport, or even replace, in case of any problems. At WoodPresents, we have taken care of the low power consumption, which not only allows you to talk about savings but also serves as an indicator of safety. Wires do not overheat during operation, which means that fire, even in case of power line irregularities, is excluded.

Electric fireplaces are easy to maintain - it is enough to clean them regularly from dust. In contrast to natural hearths, after ignition of which we inevitably clean the niche from coal, soot and smoke. To install electric fireplaces there is no need to obtain permission from utility companies and the fire department, as well as to collect signatures of house neighbors that they do not object to a fireplace in the apartment.

Carbon monoxide, overheating of glass or other parts, and as a consequence of poisoning, burns are also excluded. This allows you to safely install such a fireplace in the bedroom and children's room. The diversity allows you to choose an electric fireplace according to your taste and wallet.

In the end we can say that the fireplace with the imitation of sounds of burning wood and crackling embers, fragrance, which allows you to feel the smoke or other smells, 3D effect of flame, with a remote control, is much superior to its ancestors - real fireplaces with a hearth.

Safe, original portable fireplaces create the same cozy effect as those for which you need to invite a stove builder, and wait until the construction of the fireplace is completed.

Everything is much easier, more comfortable and enjoyable, especially with portable fireplaces from WoodPresents.