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WB City Cruiser | Luxury wooden bicycle, electric motor option

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WB City Cruiser | Luxury wooden bicycle, electric motor option WB City Cruiser | Luxury wooden bicycle, electric motor option WB City Cruiser | Luxury wooden bicycle, electric motor option

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IMPORTANT: Bike delivery only to the nearest airport. Pick up at the airport you need by yourself.

WB City Cruiser features

At the moment, our team is modeling and creating unusual handmade wooden bicycles. They are both standard and individual fashion models. To date, you can order in different configuration 5 types of bikes:
  1. WB ATB Mountain
  2. WB Pirate Young
  3. Pirate Old
  4. WB City Cruiser
  5. WB Kinder Bike BX 5 Balance Bike Children
Looking at these unusual eco-bikes in them it is simply impossible not to fall in love. A ride once on such a work of art, you want to ride it again and again.
Our company cares about the environment, so we produce our eco-bikes from renewable resources. The frame of the wooden bike is made of multi-ply aviation plywood. It is a durable moisture-resistant material capable of withstanding substantial mechanical loads and temperature drops from -90 to 100 degrees Celsius. Responsible knots of bicycles and choppers, if necessary, are additionally reinforced with Kevlar for even greater strength.

Safety bikes paid much attention. Unique bicycles made of wood are designed using special software and tested for strength. Reliability and durability of the design complement the mechanical components from leading manufacturers such as MARIN, Shimano, Sturmey - Archer, Sram and RockShox.

The decoration of unusual bikes is made of precious wood used in the decoration of elite supercars. As a rule, it is American walnut, ash or oak. The decor of noble breeds not only decorates unusual bicycles made of wood, but also makes them even more durable.

Avoiding patterns, the team creates eco-bikes and choppers with a unique and inimitable design. Despite its massive appearance, eco-bikes made of wood are great for driving and are easy to handle, especially with an electric motor. We recommend ordering the installation of an electric motor on the "Pirate Old" and "WB City Cruiser" models as they are the heaviest of production models. After installing this option, riding eco-bikes is more comfortable and fast, you can easily get to your place without sweating and not exhausted. And there are many such situations, and modern eco-bikes are able to overcome any difficult terrain without any effort on your part. At the same time, you can always turn off the engine and use the eco-bike to get physical exertion, also pedaling with the engine turned on, you can significantly save battery consumption and increase the speed of movement.

  • Frame - valuable species of wood (oak, ash, walnut, etc.), Plywood
  • Frame color - brown, black, white
  • Front wheel - Kenda Flame 26x3 inches, rim - 26x80 double, polished aluminum
  • Rear wheel - Kenda Flame 24x3 inches, rim - 24x80 double, polished aluminum
  • Tire Color - Black
  • Front Brake - Disc
  • Rear brake - foot
  • Gear Shift System - Shimano 3-7 Speed
  • Switch (type) - lever on the frame
  • Steering wheel (type) - moon (low) Navi
  • Grips - Ruff Grips
  • Saddle - Double Seat
  • Front light - LED
  • Taillight - LED
  • Wings (shields) - front, rear
  • Chain - Corrosion Resistant Alloy
  • Pedals - Maltese Cross
  • Permissible load - 280kg
  • Weight - from 40kg
  • Length - 2.39m (7.8ft)
Thanks to the comfortable cycling stand, the Bicycle choppers are easily held in a vertical position, and the wings protect against dirt getting on a cyclist who does not want to stop in bad weather.

Small things and a charger can be conveniently transported in a leather case, securing it on a bicycle. For the phone has a holder.

You can equip with a bicycle chopper with the most favorite equipment - an electric motor or a planetary hub, which makes it easy to overcome mountains and accelerate. A bicycle chopper to buy will not be a problem. This can be done via the Internet.

Unusual bicycles made of wood from our company are bought by ordinary people, popular showmen, sportsmen, and diplomats. Our team is passionate about their work and open to new, interesting ideas and projects. A professional team is able to make almost any product, and looking at unusual bicycles made of wood, you have no doubt about this. You can buy such an unusual bike made of wood by selecting one of the developed models. Or order a completely exclusive bike made of wood with a unique design. Your individually manufactured bike will be delivered anywhere in the world. You will receive your unique bike in the original box, which protects it reliably during transportation. A bicycle made of wood comes assembled and ready to use.

We are trying to make the world better!