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Wooden fixtures in the interior. What styles are suitable and what is preferred

Wooden lighting fixtures are a non-standard and bright detail of the interior. Modern tools and processing technologies allow you to create true masterpieces.

And, most often, they are created by hand to order. Such a source of light will not be cheap, but it will create a nice warm atmosphere and become an accent, attracting the attention of your guests.

The variety of shapes and sizes of WoodPresents wood pendant lights allows you to find the right fit for any room - whether it's a large living room of a country house or a small cozy kitchen of an apartment in the city. A wide selection allows you to find the right size and shape of ceiling lamp or table lamp.

Eco-friendly materials, warm colors and texture of wood will create a pleasant atmosphere with positive energy. And the combination of many of them with steel or wrought iron parts, glass and ceramics makes them unique and versatile for most design ideas. Consider a few styles below that make it easy to incorporate a wood accessory into your surroundings.

Of course, a beautiful wooden chandelier will require a large room in most cases, but there will also be a suitable option for a relatively small square footage.

The styles listed below are both different in time and place of origin. And at the same time they have subtly similar features. It's the use of simple shapes and textured materials, elements that nature itself gives, natural and environmentally friendly.

Wooden lighting fixtures on the background of the other details not only do not stand out from the overall image, but also look natural and harmonious. And the light colors emphasize the natural elements. So, let's begin.

In what interior styles would fit well wooden lights?

Quite similar in their principles, Provence and Country are based on simplicity. Wood species of ash, Karelian birch, cherry, chestnut and the like will give the lamp a unique pattern of wood cut. A combination of a wooden base and lampshade with a floral motif in tone with the surroundings would also be ideal.

A room or even a whole house decorated in the style of a mountain hut, or otherwise known as a "chalet," is simple and unpretentious. Wicker baskets, stylized barrels and wooden ceiling lamps in the form of horns can participate in creating a natural environment.

Rustic is even more rustic and straightforward. A light fixture using untreated wood is ideal for it.

Luxurious Oriental (with reference to China, Japan, and Korea) likes in its decoration wicker furniture, products made of wood, bark, and bamboo. Chandeliers and lamps are made of delicate processed wood with soft, smooth contours. They can be complemented by earthenware plafonds with intricate painting, woven lampshades and more.

Art Nouveau, born in the late 19th century thanks to young and progressive artists, is chic. Antique elements, wrought iron details and unusual shapes are welcome.

Truly urban loft is also no stranger to natural elements. Rough wood texture, unusual shapes, natural colors and unexpected combinations will be the detail that will make the image complete and harmonious.

Do not discard the option of a wooden lamp and when decorating a child's room. Eco-friendly material and unusual shapes will decorate it and will suit the taste of the little owner or hostess.

In the design of the house or apartment, it all depends on you and your sense of style. Whichever option is chosen, the main thing - in the end to create a harmonious and comfortable space in which you and your family had the opportunity to relax the soul. The use of natural materials in the design is a huge plus. It's hard to overestimate their capabilities, warmth and positive energy.