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Wooden lamp in the interior: a colorful part in creating a stylish design

Wooden furniture, accessories, interesting details and other decorations are increasingly becoming indispensable and favorite items in modern interiors. One of these are wooden lamps, which can become a highlight of design of the house or apartment. Whether it is a chandelier, wall sconces, spotlights or floor lamps - you need to choose a device based on the stylistics and features of the room.

https://www.wood-presents.com/image/cache/catalog/transit/520914024_0-860x860.jpg The indisputable advantages of wooden lamps:
  • eco-friendly raw materials, the product is absolutely hypoallergenic;
  • easy processing and installation;
  • presentable colorful design;
  • high strength.
To avoid the action of any negative factors, the product is covered with a special oil. Impregnated with the right substances, the wood is not subject to delamination, combustion, deformation and damage by insects.

Tip: it is better to use LED or energy-saving lamps, as they are less heated during use.

The optimal option in the interior for a wooden lamp is the living room or bedroom. In rooms with high humidity (kitchen or bathroom), it is still better to use devices made of other materials. Wooden products in a humid room require more care, but still over time lose their former polish. Under the influence of moisture the material can shrivel or swell.

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